Powwow Flyers Ready to Go!

The final powwow flyers have been approved and are ready to go for print! Look out for printed versions within the coming weeks, as well as digital versions displayed in the Cesar Chavez Student Center. Our head dancers, staff, and food vendor are all finalized and listed below. 

Colorado River Indian Tribes artists Brian Humeumptewa and Leroy Short have provided us with amazing artwork for the 2018 Powwow flyers. On the back of each flyer will include the story that was shared in regards to the people portrayed in the artwork. For this year's powwow, the theme is "Ancestors Speak for the Life of the Land." Our ancestors teach future generations important life lessons that must be carried forward from elders to infants and everyone in-between. 

From Mr. Humeumptewa and Mr. Short:

The man on the far left is a medicine man, who protects the good from the bad, and is a captain of the guards; the young man is his grandson, who is an apprentice. He is in training to be a skilled hunter, warrior, and medicine doctor. Their tribal population is dwindling, their lands are being seized, and their survival depends on him. 

The man in the middle is the oldest and highest in rank. He is the protector, detector, and keeper of the old Medicine Ways. His time is coming to an end, and he is concerned because he's seen the future for his people. He speaks with birds and animals who are threatened, too. 

The fourth man is a builder, gatherer, agriculturist/horticulturist, and also a hunter. He is in charge of overseeing that the community is provided with food. 

The fifth man is the land manager who decides when and where burns must occur to clean the land and regenerate food sources. 

Together, they are the "Life of the Land Council," who sees that encroachment falls ill on the health of their environment. They see people not being able to be self-sufficient, and animal and bird species will disappear.

MC: Tom Phillips
Arena Director: Carlisle Phillips
Opening Prayer: Kanyon Sayers-Roods
Head Woman Dancer: Francis Rocha
Head Man Dancer: Robert LeRoy
Gourd Dancer: Michael Singh
Head Male Youth Dancer: Raziel Goodface
Head Female Youth Dancer: Michaela Singh
Tabulator: Shonnie Bear McCloud
Northern Host Drum: All Nations
Southern Drum: Tommy Phillips

Food Vendor: Wailaki's